Tearaway and Cutaway Backing

Llovet Sales carries light to heavy weight non-woven tearaway and cutaway backings, pre-cut to cover all of your embroidery needs. Another area Llovet keeps you covered is with our NEW PRODUCT SOL-U-FILM, this film should be used to prevent stitching from disappearing when stitching on velvets, velour, and terry cloth. SOL-U-FILM is a water-soluble plastic.

Retail Pre-Package Stabilizers and Interfacing

New for this year is the complete line of Pellon brand retail stabilizers and interlining, please call for pricing and package details.

Bobbin Cases

New for Llovet Sales is our quality bobbin cases for Tajima, Barudan, Meistergram, Happy, Melco, Toyota and Brother. Available in style L and M standard for pre-wound bobbins and backlash style for steel bobbins.

Organ Brand Needles
We also stock Organ Brand needles for all embroidery applications. Organ Needle Co. is one of the world’s oldest and largest manufacturers of sewing machine needles.
60/80            Standard or Ball Point
65/90            Standard or Ball Point
70/10            Standard or Ball Point
75/11            Standard or Ball Point
80/12            Standard or Ball Point
90/14            Standard or Ball Point

Ball Point - Designed to alleviate holes in knits or loosely woven materials by pushing aside fibers.
DBXK5 - One size larger eye than standard without increased blade diameter, creates less fraying and fewer thread breaks.
DBx7ST - Rectangular shaped eye designed for metallic thread use.
DBx9ST - Two sizes larger eye for thicker than usual embroidery threads when thickness of needle cannot be increased. Only available in light ballpoint.
Perfect Durability Needles - These new needles have Titanium Nitride layered on their surface to improve their productive life by at least five times that of conventional needles.
Cool Sew – Non-Stick Needles - Ideal for sewing through vinyl, synthetics, chemically treated materials, glued materials, rubberized goods, nylon and foam.
For Exact Replacement, please indicate size and style number from your current needle package at time of order.

Robison-Anton Embroidery Threads
Robison-Anton is the largest producer of Rayon embroidery threads in the United States. Both Rayon and Polyester threads are licensed Pantone matched. There are 419 solid and 29 variegated colors in Super Strength® Rayon and 452 colors in Super-Brite Polyester. Also, new this year are the Semi-Shine Polyester and 100% Cotton Quilting threads. We stock Super Strength® Rayon 1100 yard Mini-King Spools up to the 5500 yard King Spools in Nashville, Tennessee and Medley, Florida for immediate shipment. We also have #122 Super-Brite Polyester, which offers color fast, bleach resistant thread for uniforms and flame retardant properties for children’s wear. Robison-Anton Metallic threads offer unsurpassed quality over other metallics in the market. 1000 yard, 5000 yard, and 10,000 yard cones are available to fill your inventory needs.
CLICK HERE for Robison-Anton Super Brite Poly Color Charts.
CLICK HERE for Robison-Anton Super Strength Rayon Color Charts.

Bobbin Threads
We stock prewound continuous  filament polyester bobbins and spun polyester bobbins. If you wind your own bobbins we also stock bobbin yarn for soft bobbins.

DESIGNER Kits / Storage Units
Mini-King Spool kits ranging from the top 50 colors to 448 total colors of #122 Super Strength® Rayon and 452 total colors of Super-Brite Polyester thread with hardwood stand alone racks. We also offer the racks without thread for  storage of small spools. Also Available - Racks that hold 20 King Spools

#152 Twister/Tweed Rayon - Two colors twisted together to provide the designer with an infinite number of design possibilities for all embroidery items. (not shown) Available in King Spools 3,250yd and Mini-King Spools 700yd

Retail Assortments
We have available to the retail industry a complete line of assortments with the fixtures and signage available in Rayon, Polyester and 100% Cotton Quilting Threads for the home sewing industry.