Quick Response is the driving force behind Llovet Sales. We have built our business on the personal contact with our customers and the ability to ship from a central location and offer as many in house services as possible. Our service out of Nashville enables you to keep minimum inventory at your location. You can depend on Llovet Sales Company to ship your orders as promised.

We have 6 highly trained customer service employees totalling fifty years of experience with Llovet Sales. We are very proud of our customer service and feel that we are unparalleled in this area.


1.800.476.5149 • 615.868.7200 • fax 615.868.1160

Office & Operations

490 Allied Drive
Nashville, TN 37211

Honduras Warehouse

Thread and Trim Suppliers S.A.
Edificio "J" Zip Honduras
KM5 Carrevera a Pto Cortes
Choloma, Cortes Honduras


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Sales Force

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