Excellence Through Service

To our friends and customers:

For over forty years now Llovet Sales Company has been distributing and selling products to the apparel industry. Quick response is the driving force behind Llovet Sales. We built our business on personal contact with our customers and the ability to ship from strategic locations. Our service out of Nashville, Tennessee, Medley, Florida (San Pedro Sula, Honduras), (San Salvador, El Salvador), (Torreon, Mexico) enables you to keep minimum inventory at your location.

You can depend on Llovet Sales Company to ship your orders as promised. Along with our large inventory of PCC Interlining and Industrial Fabrics, Buttons, Thread, Tearaway and Cutaway Embroidery Backing.

We now carry Durkee Tubular Hoops, needles, bobbin cases, trimmers and cleaners for your embroidery needs.

Llovet group photo

Llovet Sales & Customer Service Staff